Why Real Chocolate

There's no real chocolate like Mars real chocolate.

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Cocoa Beans

What is Real Chocolate?

U.S. Standards of Identity are government regulations that define which ingredients may be used to make a food product in order to be allowed to call it by a certain name. For chocolate, the Standards of Identity require that cocoa butter be the only source of fat (except for milk fat). There are several other requirements too, such as a specific amount of chocolate liquor, use of flavorings and sugar substitutes.

Fake Chocolate

How to Spot Real Chocolate:

A telltale sign is the wording on the packaging. For 100% real, authentic chocolate, look for the words "milk chocolate," "Semi-sweet chocolate" or "Bittersweet chocolate." On the other hand, it's probably not real if you see the words, "chocolate flavor," "chocolate coating," "chocolaty," or "made with chocolate." And beware of packaging that implies chocolate, but doesn't even mention it.. Would it be cheaper for us to use vegetable oil? Yes. Would it be real chocolate? No. The next time you're choosing your chocolate, check the label. Chances are you could be getting something that's, well, fake. If it's Mars, you know it's real chocolate.


Mars: A Family Proud of its Chocolate:

Mars is proud to be a family-run business of candy manufacturers. We have the freedom to make the final decision regarding our recipes and commit ourselves to producing chocolate that contains 100 percent cocoa butter. With nearly 100 years in the candy business, we are leaders in the industry and at the forefront of chocolate research. That means no one knows more about chocolate than we do. Our customers expect chocolate that contains 100% cocoa butter, and that's what we deliver.
Mars chocolate is real chocolate. Is your chocolate real?